The 5 best light fittings for your garden

1 – Spike spot adjustable by Hunza

Clearly gardens grow and change with the seasons. As your garden matures your lighting needs to adapt and spike spots offer this flexibility.  Mounted on a spike, the adjustable spot light comes with 360 degree rotation and a 1000mm cable, so you can move the fitting around your flower beds. Garden light fittings are exposed to the elements and poor quality fittings won’t last, especially those located in damp soil and prone to jets of water from hosepipes. Hunza make superior quality products, hand assembled and built to last.

garden spot light

2 – LD56 by Light Graphix

Recessed uplighters are a super tool in the kit box of a lighting designer, useful for grazing walls, lighting sculptures, highlighting trees, and accenting architecture. These little beauties from Light Graphix tick all the boxes. With a 52mm diameter they’re small and discreet. With a CRI of 93 they product a fantastic quality of light available in a range of beam angles. And manufactured in the UK, with 5mm thick glass and rated to IP68 they’re built to last.

LD56 by Light Graphix

3 – LINEARlight FLEX Protect by Osram

LED Ribbon has a variety of applications in a garden. Particularly grazing light onto walls, washing light out from under seating, highlighting steps, and revealing texture. With a colour rendering > 90 and colour consistency of 2 SDCM across the entire length, this strip from Osram is one of the best on the market.

led ribbon garden lighting

4 – Recessed wall and ceiling luminaire by Bega

Low level wall lights are perfect for glare free illumination of patios, pathways, and steps. These fittings from Bega with asymmetric distribution are our favourites because they’re easy to install, they look fantastic, but most importantly they’re designed in such a way that the components can easily be replaced on site and Bega guarantee the availability of replacement modules even 20 years after purchase.

low level light for garden


5 – Messina 130 by Astro

There’s something truly beautiful about the humble incandescent light bulb and lantern type wall lights, acting as little display cases, put these iconic forms centre stage. For energy efficiency we use ‘vintage style’ LED filament lamps in place of incandescent light bulbs, which are great for providing general light to patios, BBQs, or front doors, whilst make a lovely decorative feature. The size and textured black finish of Astros Messina fitting is a fantastic cost effective option.

garden wall light


If you’re thinking of installing or upgrading lighting in a garden, don’t do anything until you’ve checked out these 3 common mistakes that people make. If you would like any help lighting a landscape or garden then please do feel free to get in touch for a free 30 minute consultation.