Living Light

It's about how it makes you feel.

We understand that buildings are so much more than bricks and mortar, so we use use light to create spaces that are comfortable, flexible, and beautiful. But good lighting design is not just about how things look; It’s about how it makes you feel.

Light fundamentally affects wellbeing. It impacts our circadian rhythms and crucial things such as cortisol (the stress hormone) melatonin (the sleep hormone), serotonin (makes you happy), and Vitamin D (important for healthy bones, teeth and muscles).

It’s also about the wider environment.

Beautiful lighting design and energy-efficient technology belong together, that’s why the emphasis of our studio is ‘living light’. It runs through everything we do. Using less, saving more, consuming mindfully. It’s what drives our decision-making at every point on our journey with our clients. Every lighting scheme, every fitting, every single light bulb that passes through the Lighting Design Studio is reviewed. Our award-winning service will ensure your project is seen in the best possible light.

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"Lighting Design Studio did a great job not only with the lighting but working very closely with both the client and the team to understand what was required within the property. Their expertise in lighting were invaluable! The house looks wonderful, it is lit discretely but with the right amount of emphasis on architectural features and artwork. Thanks Bruce and Luke for a great job."

Harriet Forde – British Institute of Interior Design President 2019/20 | Harriet Forde Design

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Lighting Design studio is an independent lighting design consultancy working across a wide range of projects; from some of the world’s best hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces to landscape and residential lighting design. We have a wealth of knowledge, built through education, research, product testing, and most importantly years of experience. Sometimes, particularly with LED and control systems, the best way to learn is from mock-ups or trial and error. We do this work so you don’t have to. First and foremost we listen to our clients and work with you every step of the way; developing a custom lighting plan and implementing it into your space. We know our field inside out, bringing professional input and experience to ensure projects are seen in the best possible light.