Stairway Lighting Design

The Best Ways to Illuminate Your Indoor Staircase.

Many building owners tend to overlook the decorative benefits that a staircase can provide, focussing
instead on the functionality rather than the appearance. However, when choosing the right lighting,
you can really transform your stairs so that they form a beautiful focal point in your home.

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Of course, you will need to consider the fixing points and take measures to avoid glare. Read on for
some top tips on how to light your staircase…

1. Illuminate the Handrail

Nowadays, it’s fairly straightforward to add lights just about anywhere, including the handrail on
your staircase. Regardless of whether your handrail is wooden, glass or another material all
together, you can add lighting behind or beneath it to illuminate the space in a sleek and stylish

2. Install Wall Sconces

Most staircases tend to be adjacent to at least one wall, so it would be simple enough to install wall
sconces. There are plenty of design options available so you can opt for something that seamlessly
blends in with the rest of your interior design and is more decorative than spot lights. Wall lights can
even be installed if you have wall panelling.

3. Make a Statement

If space isn’t an issue, perhaps you could think about making a bold statement with a large lighting
fixture, such as a chandelier. This will work particularly well if you have more traditional décor.
Alternatively, you could consider suspending pendants at different levels to create a more artistic


4. Consider Floor Washers

Floor washers are a great way to illuminate the stairs themselves, as they skim light across the step
so that each one is clearly visible. Not only do floor washers guide you to each step, but they also
take up limited space, so they are ideal if you have a narrow staircase. With LED bulbs, you can even
consider changing the colour of the lights, depending on your mood.
If you have an open rising staircase, you could hide LED strips on the underside of each step, which is
a great way to create a float effect when illuminated yet hidden from view when unlit.

staircase lighting ideas

5. Consider the switching

Stair cases tend to be functional spaces that don’t usually require dimming. Its good to consider the switching from the outset to ensure that you have the functionality of being able to turn the whole stairwell on and off and to be able to turn the floors on or off above and below you – the switching can get quite complicated if it isn’t considered from the outset.

When designing a staircase, it would be wise to consider your lighting plan as early as possible,
particularly if you want your lighting to remain unobtrusive. We would be more than happy to help
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