Bedroom Lighting Ideas – Top tips

Our top 5 lighting tips for bedrooms.

As  part of our residential lighting design service lighting for bedrooms is a key consideration  for our clients projects. Our lighting design process ensures we capture all the best bedroom lighting ideas for your residential  lighting design  project.

Typically when we start off a project we ask what is the prime function of the space? And how can the lighting enhance or emphasise these activities?  Bedrooms are typically used for sleeping, getting ready, putting on make up,  for some working, reading and other nocturnal activities ;D. So the lighting needs to be flexible around the different usages.

Here are some of our top Bedroom Lighting Ideas to consider for your projects:

1/ Consider the switching from the outset. Do you want to be able to control the lights within your room  from your bedside? If you have already pre-wired your house, don’t worry there are a number of ways this can be done wirelessly. Even if you don’t want to have lights controlled from your bed we would always recommend fitting a dimmer switch by the door.  This will help reduce  your energy use & it  will also help get the lighting levels right – Making for a comfortable low levels at night and higher brightness on those dull winter mornings.

2/ Do you read in bed? If so then lighting for your bedroom could be as simple as a local table light or a highly focused swan neck reading light giving a localized  beam of light onto the page. The important thing here is the control to ensure you don’t disturb your partner if reading in bed by having too much light. Pendants lights next to each bed side can be used as an interesting alternative for reading lights.

bedroom lighting 2 pendants either side of bed


Bedroom lighting - traditional setting

3/ Lighting can be used to help stimulate our awake and sleep hormones – cortisol and melatonin respectively.  (please  see our blog on blue LED  quite simply we want more blue light to help wake us up and less or no blue light an hour or so before bed time to help reduce cortisol and increase melatonin production. There are specific LED technologies that can be utilized to enable this. Sorra & Ray lighting have interesting lamps based around the violet chip to produce light and are well worth investing in for bedrooms.

4/ Use indirect light where possible.   Unless you’re lighting a specific piece of art work or wanting to light a piece of furniture recessed down lights can be a bit of a harsh way of lighting a bedroom. This is because when in bed there is a risk of direct glare from these lights. Indirect light can be done in a number of different ways – from wall sconces to  an indirect LED Light hidden within the bed head or within a lineasr LED detail – we often use lighting profiles from Orac or Atelier Sedap to enable this.

bedroom lighting indirect light above bed head

5/ And finally if you want to get a good nights rest ensure that you can shut out the excess daylight and light pollution that is far to prevalent in modern day streetscapes. We often suggest including blind control with our bedroom lighting schemes to enable this.

Please feel free to get in touch if you want some more Bedroom Lighting Ideas for your project.